Secondhand Smoke Kills More Than 600,000 A Year : TreeHugger

I sat outside a Starbucks in Houston, Texas the other day, trying to enjoy my soy latte but I was surrounded by smokers. I didn’t ask them to stop–it was a smoking-allowed area–but perhaps I should have anyway, and I could have told them about a new study, published yesterday in The Lancet, which finds that secondhand smoking kills more than 600,000 lives each year around the world.

This is an amazing 1 percent of all deaths, according to the study, which was lead by Annette Pruess-Ustuen of the World Health Organisation in Geneva. For the study, which is the first global look at the second-hand smoking, researchers looked over data from 2004 for 192 countries and they found 40 percent of children regularly are exposed to secondhand smoke and that more than 30 percent of non-smoking men and women are too.

via Secondhand Smoke Kills More Than 600,000 A Year : TreeHugger.

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