Having a Doonesbury week.

As we were leaving the Green Party of Suffolk meeting this Saturday, my buddy John Keenan was sporting a cigarette holder that I said reminded me of Hunter S. Thompson

Last night we watched “The Women”  which was written by Clare Booth (Luce), who was a Connecticut Republican congresswoman.  I have to admit that I confused her with Millicent Fenwick, the New Jersey Republican congresswoman who is considered the model for lacey despite Trudeau’s denials. .  Both were Republican congresswomen.  Both were ambassadors, both were in the magazine industry, and both served in the Reagan administration.

Lastly today I recieved an email from my friend Amy inviting people to buy tickets for a Jimmy Web concert.  Now I always thought that Jimmy Thudpucker was based on Webb, but Wikpedia tells me I am wrong wrong wrong.

Maybe it wasn’t a Doonesbury week after all.

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