$16 Billion under Cuomo’s Couch Cushions (via Sherry Talks Back)

In addition to that fund, according to the Green Party candidate who ran against Cuomo, Howie Hawkins, if New York returned to the tax rates it had when the rebate was created, 95% of state residents would get a tax cut, yet tax revenue would increase by $8 billion a year. In other words, there are cash reserves that could be tapped rather than face the horrific potential of slashing 15,000 jobs out of a state workforce of 190,000.

An old friend told me that her family used to ignore the change that would slip out of pockets beneath the couch cushions so that during the final desperate week of every month when finances were tightest, “lost” change was recovered and went toward beer. A creative savings plan if you ask me. In an excellent report about New York budget cuts protests recently, I came across something I’d never read about before. Wouldn’t you know it, but New Yor … Read More

via Sherry Talks Back

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