Fracking: Things Find a Way


Things always find a way to happen … A pen leaking. Your shoelace coming untied. Toxic chemicals in your drinking water. What?!

Earthjustice released a great video short earlier this month explaining the threats posed by hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for unconventional gas, including water contamination, an exploding house, dead livestock, and health impacts on residents living near fracking operations, to name a few.

It’s a great brief overview of the reasons why the lax oversight of fracking and other unconventional gas industry practices deserves immediate and intense scrutiny from public health and safety officials. Just last week, we witnessed Chesapeake Energy’s fracking well blowout in Bradford County, Pennsylvania – which eerily took place one year after the BP blowout in the Gulf of Mexico – contaminating local waterways and properties with drilling chemicals. That well blowout is thankfully now under control and awaiting a permanent plug, but it serves as another reminder of how ill-prepared the gas industry is to respond to such emergencies, and to prevent them in the first place.

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  1. I asked NYC Mayor Bloomberg about fracking via Twitter and he actually responded:

    • Interesting response Mayor Bloomberg had. He admitted, and payed lip service, to the fact that sustainable energy was better. But, in a cheery, businessmanlike way, he acted like we must frack (in a different watershed than the one he drinks from.)

  2. Oh yeah, FRACKING fun for everyone. Hmm, anyone ever think about the consequences of do much drilling and extracting on the Earth itself? Oh let’s just move and remove things like furniture in a room and see what happens. Let’s have some basic Earth science for everyone……
    Great video. Thanks.

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