Yesterday was some day…

So, yesterday was World Peace Day. And, Ian and I hoped to do some comment or post about it, but it slipped by.

Here are some things that took our attention on Peace Day:

-The day before, the Suffolk Police shot and killed a man at his home. Wednesday morning, I tried to get more details, to keep accountability on the police, and to preserve dignity for the young man, Kevin Callahan.

-The protesters at Wall Street continued to meet. Four more people were arrested yesterday.

-The activist community, and people around the world, gathered to support Troy Davis. There was an outburst of joy as The Supreme Court met and delayed his execution for about 3 hours. Though, last night, the State of Georgia put Troy Davis to death. (And, during the coverage, leaders of the nonprofit justice community apologized, or tip-toed around Obama, in a way that could make a person sick.)

S0, 26-year-old Kevin Callahan is gone. Troy Davis is gone. And, Wall Street still simmers with the corruption of our corporations and government.

Though…over 500 people have searched our blog for news about Kevin Callahan, and some have sent affirmative messages. So, a life has been honored.

And, thousands of people around the world have gone through the emotional turmoil of an execution scene, with enlightening and humane coverage by Democracy Now!, and have committed and/or re-committed themselves to abolition.

And, the occupation of Wall Street is continuing for Day Five with great spunk, and the spirit of Troy Davis as an inspiration. See their new message: here.

So, let’s see what happens today…

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  1. Kevin was a good kid. I saw him the day before he left Michigan to go back home. Very sad to hear about this. He is missed.

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