Radiohead Playing OccupyWallStreet TODAY 9/30/11 @ 4p????

Update on the morning after: Radiohead did not peform at Occupy Wall Street yesterday, 9/30. From what I can gather from rumors, on-line chat, and official announcements, I believe that someone did a hoax on Occupy Wall Street. So, I think that Occupy Wall Street genuinely thought Radiohead was going to show up. But, that Radiohead had never promised to do so. Yesterday, the band did put out a friendly note on their Twitter, sending greetings to the demonstrators, but saying they were not scheduled to perform.

Update 3:41PM on 9/30/2011 – Representatives of Radiohead are now saying there is no concert.

UPDATE 12:19 p.m.: A spokesperson for Occupy Wall Street confirms “Radiohead will play a surprise show today at four in the afternoon. Press conference at one in the afternoon.”

Update 12:54 p.m.: The spokesperson tells Gawker they have no permit but the police are “aware” of the event. This is going to be interesting—a band with Radiohead’s popularity can easily draw a hundred thousand for a free show in New York City. You need permits for this sort of thing, and there, obviously, there are a lot of crowd control issues that are worked out in advance. However you slice it, this will be bananas. Press conference in 5.

via CONFIRMED: Radiohead Playing Occupy Wall Street TODAY!: Gothamist.

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