Don’t let the police start hiding: Contact the Houston Police about their red tent

Who to contact to complain about the sneaky, red tent, used by Houston Police against occupiers:

Houston Police non-emergency number:  713-884-3131
Houston Police Public Affairs contact:  public DOT affairs AT cityofhouston DOT net
Any politicians, civil rights groups, or human rights groups who you feel may pay attention to your concerns.
Look for future action updates at Occupy Houston


Story at Hispanic Business News: here.

Video of Houston Police covering their tracks with a big, red tent over the occupiers:

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Why you must do something about this…

As part of the D12 Coordinated West Coast Port Blockade yesterday, Houston occupiers laid down in the road to stop traffic to the port. Instead of simply negotiating and/or arresting them, the Houston Police used a new system — a system we must all stop immediately. The Houston Police covered the demonstrators with a huge, red tent, which then allowed the police to struggle with and arrest the demonstrators in secret. This practice is a violation of basic human rights for those being arrested. This practice is a violation of basic civil rights for the people observing who want to monitor their government, and be witness for their fellow citizens. This practice is a violation of the rights of any press people who want to report on a police incident. This practice is a violation of the most basic principles of government transparency and accountability.

The Houston Police Tent Method must be stopped. It is an escalation of sneaky police practices which our governments have been using against peaceful protesters. Already, rows of police officers have made human shields to try to cover up as their fellow officers rough up or arrest demonstrators. Then, there is the targeting and arresting of the press. If we let police use tents to cover up their actions, we will have let America sink to a new low of human rights practices, right up there with the most oppressive countries in the world.

In addition…Isn’t the police use of a tent the biggest slap in the face you ever received as a citizen? American citizens can’t use tents when we want. We have been blocked and raided trying to use tents to demonstrate, occupy, and petition our government. But, the police are going to use tents as a weapon against us, to hide their corrupt practices from the eyes of the press and the eyes of the world? How twisted could our government get?

Please contact the Houston Police and make sure they understand your concerns about this practice. Ask the Houston Police: What is it that you have to hide?

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