Photos & Video: Spring in Port Jefferson

Ian and I spent the afternoon wandering around Port Jefferson. There were lots of wonderful signs of Spring on Long Island. Some photos below. Video at bottom.

Music and Ice Cream

Above: Two teenagers busking on the sidewalk — on guitar and hand drums. Younger boys listen while enjoying their ice cream cones. Music and ice cream! How wonderful.

Sailboat Race in Port Jeff

We spotted a cluster of sailboats, running maneuvers, in some kind of sailboat race.

Occupy Peace in Port Jeff

Just another event in another park: North Country Peace Group collected some like-minded groups and activists to hold a peace, justice, and occupy event. It was fun to see such important work done on a beautiful, Spring Day. And, we snapped a photo with the ferry as a backdrop. (You can connect with a lot of Long Island Occupy folks at the FaceBook group: here.)

Port Jeff: Yellow flowers

Above: Look! A flower! What a beautiful moment I witnessed. Glad I captured some of it. But, I am so disappointed that my camera had not been out yet, so the settings were off. As Ian and I pulled up to our parking spot, this young girl was just reaching over to pick a bright, yellow dandelion from the grass in the parking lot. I captured her looking at her new treasure.

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