Shooting of State Trooper May Bring Back Death Penalty! Help Needed!

[Blogger’s note:  It is awful that state trooper Brinkerhoff has been murdered.  But his death should not be used as apolitical football to cause other people’s deaths.]



Just as the Senate is poised to vote on the death penalty in New York, the worst case scenario has unfolded for those of us who are committed to ending capital punishment.

Please call your elected State representatives today, and maximize our impact by getting just ONE or TWO others to do the same!!!


In the aftermath of the murder of another state trooper, David C. Brinkerhoff, Albany pols are calling for a return of the death penalty, even though the death penalty has never been shown to deter homicide, and EVEN THOUGH they have done NOTHING to address the issue of wrongful convictions!

Once again, it appears some members of the State Senate as well as in the State Assembly are misusing a tragic event for their own political agendas.

These “public servants” are acting in willful ignorance of what New Yorkers have learned at comprehensive hearings in the State Assembly twoyears ago. They have IGNORED the risk of executing an innocent person, have IGNORED the growing list of people on death rows released with evidence of innocence, nationwide, and the shameful list of New Yorkers wrongfully convicted (embarrassingly, among the highest in the nation.) These politicians are the majority of New Yorkers who now prefer life without parole over the death penalty as the most serious punishment (by a margin of over 20%.)

Here’s how to help remind them of their responsibility to US:

If you can do ONE thing, contact your state Assembly member. Even if you have in the past, do so again: they may change their votes!

If you can do TWO things, contact your State Senator

If you can do THREE things, contact Governor Spitzer at the number below.

To identify and find out how to reach your State legislators, please
visit http://www.capwiz. com/lwvny/ state/main/ ?state=NY scroll down to My Elected Officials and click on View.

A phone call is BEST, a letter is fine. (Email is the least effective approach) It is important to identify yourself as a constituent. If your legislators are already with us, thank and encourage them.

Please let me know what actions you’re taking so we may know the magnitude of our impact. Thank you for all you do!!!!

In solidarity and strength!
ATALANTA26pt2@YAHOO.COM/ 516 849 2363

For Governor Spitzer,
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224
Phone: (518) 474-8390
Fax: (518) 474-1513

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