Sweet Honey in the Rock gets WBAI’s Nina Simone award 11/27/07

Nov 27, Nina Simone Activist Performance Award will be presented to Sweet Honey in the Rock

WBAI is honored to present the “Nina Simone Activist Performance Award” to “Sweet Honey in the Rock” on Tuesday, November 27, 2007, 6:00 PM, at the Schomburg Center For Research In Black Culture, in Harlem USA.

Dr. Nina Simone, “The High Priestess of Soul”, was unrivaled in her legendary status as one of the greatest songstress, storytellers of all times. A child prodigy at age of four, her repertoire grew to include jazz, gospel and spirituals, classical music, folk, blues, opera, African chants and her own masterpieces. “Mississippi Goddam” and “Four Women” were among her most well known compositions reflecting racial oppression during the civil rights movement.

Following in her tradition, and founded by Bernice Johnson Reagon in 1973 at the D.C. Black Repertory Theater Company, “Sweet Honey In The Rock” is an extraordinary African-American female a cappella, vocal group that has been a vital and innovative presence in the music culture in communities of conscience around the world.

Tickets are $50 through Pay Pal. For more information call (212)209-2800 or (212)209-2910.

Rooted in a deeply held commitment to create music out of the rich textures of African American legacy and traditions, “Sweet Honey In The Rock” possesses a stunning vocal prowess that captures the complex sounds of Blues, spirituals, traditional gospel hymns, rap, reggae, African chants, Hip Hop, ancient lullabies, and jazz improvisation whose repertoire is steeped in the sacred music of the Black church, the clarion calls of the civil rights movement, and songs of the struggle for justice everywhere.

WBAI’s mission calls for radio that fosters understanding amongst nations and individuals; promotes innovative, uncensored distribution of news and support for creative activities that serve the cultural welfare of the community. Please join WBAI at this historic event and celebrate the seven magnificent women that are “Sweet Honey in the Rock” at the start of her 34th anniversary.

Tickets are $50 through Pay Pal.

Autographed copies of the group’s new CD, Experience…101 will be available.

For more information call (212) 209-2800 or (212) 209-2910.

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