Who will be the Green Party Vice Presidential candidate in ’08?

Green Party VP Poll here.


This whole post is thanks to Green Party Watch. They put up a post speculating on who the Green Party Vice Presidential candidate might be, and received over 30 comments. I collected every mention and put them on this list. In a couple of days, I will turn this list — and any other names added to it in the comments section here — into a poll. (Which I will have to learn how to do, and find a web-site to help!) [Update: 6/27/08: I gave up. Green Party Watch made a poll, hope you will just go to theirs. I will learn how to do polls another time!-KW]

Please feel free to post additions to the list in the comment section, or e-mail them to me a votewilder at yahoo dot com.
Potential Green Party Vice Presidential candidates:

Alan Augustson
Jared Ball
Roseann Barr
John Eder
Matt Gonzalez
Mike Gravel
Howie Hawkins
Cara Jennings
Jesse Johnson
Dennis Kucinich
Winona LaDuke
Pat LaMarche
Kent Mesplay
Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry
Ralph Nader
Malik Rahim
Rebecca Rotzler
Bernie Sanders
Cindy Sheehan
Jill Stein
Kat Swift
Jesse Ventura
Jason West
Rich Whitney
Reverend Jeremiah Wright

P.S. For full disclosure, I put some of them on the list, and you can find out which ones if you follow me around at Green Party Watch, so I won’t tell you here…

For the Veep poll, please go to Green Party Watch, and scroll down on the right hand side, under the silhouette of the mystery VP candidate.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for putting this list together!

    There is a nice plugin called wp-polls that I used at babblemur. I just took your list and put it in a poll at greenpartywatch.org. (The poll looks a little funny, I know). I set it up so you can pick up to 3.


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