NBC finally starts to understand voting

If NBC keeps this up they might actually stop asking the stupid “spoiler ” question of every non-corporate candidate they meet. They finally got that voter choices are complex, especially in a winner take all system. Voter’s issue both positive and negative votes, i.e. they make preference decision not only among the candidates they like, […]

Who will be the Green Party Vice Presidential candidate in ’08?

Green Party VP Poll here. KW: This whole post is thanks to Green Party Watch. They put up a post speculating on who the Green Party Vice Presidential candidate might be, and received over 30 comments. I collected every mention and put them on this list. In a couple of days, I will turn this […]

Kucinich supporter looks to the Green Party

Dennis Goes Down But ironically, for those of us who support Dennis, and for Dennis himself, his being discarded like a used kleenex, like Cynthia Mckinney before him, might be the best news we receive this electoral season. It will be if Dennis, and others like him, finally get the message that the only hope […]

GP Prez hopeful Cynthia McKinney rocks UMaryland

from the Diamondback Online During her approximately 30-minute appearance, the former Georgia Congresswoman criticized the current two-party system, the Iraq war, the high cost of education and advocated the need to protect the environment. She spoke for about 15 minutes before opening the floor to audience questions. “The two-party system has failed to serve the […]

Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards Fans

from OpEdNews You oppose the war and occupation of Iraq. You oppose the continued shredding of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. You know that corporate powers have stolen our democracy. You understand that there has been electronic hijacking of the democratic process. You know that the corporate media is lying to the American people, […]

Hi, My name is Dennis Kucinich. I’m your War-Mart Manager.

In Janet Youngblood’s book, Learning Democratic Practices: Political Parties, Media and American Political Development, Youngblood goes beyond the traditional third party analysis of the Democratic and Republican Parties of both being corporate parties because they are funded by the same corporate masters. Youngblood redefines the Republican and Democratic Parties as corporations themselves, whose sole function […]