Call the Attorney General to Stop “Trump on the Ocean”


Jones Beach Toll Plaza located on Wantagh Parkway.

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Friends of Jones Beach,
You may be aware that a recent opinion of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York has given a victory to Donald Trump in his attempt to build his huge complex (restaurant, catering hall, souvenir shop) along the boardwalk of Jones Beach. Nevertheless, the Attorney General, can appeal this latest ruling, and stop this project  of Trump’s from going forward. “Trump on the Ocean,” is just too big for what is needed at Jones Beach–a simple boardwalk restaurant that can be enjoyed by all the people, not just the wealthy clientele that Mr. Trump is courting. Mr. Trump has not proven that a smaller, public-friendly restaurant would not be economically viable, and the original Review Board (including an architect, a businessman, fire  prevention expert and Building Code expert) that denied his variance application was acting with the best interests of the public in mind.

I urge everyone who wants to preserve our beautiful and publicly owned Jones Beach to call the Attorney General’s Long Island office at 516-248-3302 or 516-248-3300. Urge Andrew Cuomo to appeal this most recent decision. Our State Park at Jones Beach was created for all of us, not just for the wealthy few!

Jim Brown

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