Trump on the Ocean is Ended!!!

For all the tragedy Hurricane Sandy caused in so many people’s lives, it did bring the NY State Parks Department and — even more amazingly — Donald Trump to their senses.   Anyone with common sense knew that a giant catering hall with a huge basement should not be built on a barrier beach.

Trump’s hubris is only matched by Robert Moses.  He tried to extend the road on the barrier beaches east of the Fire Island lighthouse.   Moses found that the engineers were right as the road sunk.  Trump similarly found out that a Hurricane would swamp a Jones Beach basement.  The only difference between the two is that Trump is more careful about veiling his racism than Moses.

After Trump weaseled his way into this project by wasting all of our tax dollars on numerous lawsuits, including ones to be able to use the Jones Beach basement for catering, New York State should threaten him with breach of contract if he doesn’t pay up for all he cost us.  Of course, our Tea Party governor Andrew Cuomo, known to Occupy as  Governor 1%, would rather take it out on the middle class rather than a millionaire.

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