Civil Rights Conference hilights Gordon’s MalApportionment Penalty (MAP) initiative.

Gordon has advocated to enforce “the right to vote” MalApportionment Penalty (MAP) clause in Section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution (Amend. XIV§2), a clause that mandates proportional allocation of elected representatives based on the popular vote.

Green Party leader civil action challenges the legitimacy of US Representatives from southern states

‘Winner take all’ apportionment of presidential electors in Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas is not grounded in law and violates the 14th Amendment A civil action filed by Green Party member Asa Gordon is challenging the constitutional legitimacy of several US Representives from southern states. The civil action (Gordon et al v. Clerk, US […]

Green Party to Congress: Prove Your Love for the Constitution

Green Party leaders challenge the new Congress to restore the rule of law after a decade of constitutional violations and abuses of power by Presidents and other officials • Greens cite election theft, vote theft, torture, warrantless surveillance of US citizens, official lies and impunity, ‘preemptive’ military attacks, denied rights in DC and Puerto Rico […]

In DC today: Court hearing for an Asa Gordon case

As our regular readers may know, Asa Gordon is an electoral activist and Green Party member who studies election law, and attempts to improve the political and electoral system with pro se law suits on important issues. You can look at some of Asa Gordon’s ideas at his website: Today is an important and […]

Green Party member’s civil action against Electoral College Mal-Apportionment goes to court

Update 1/13/2010: In what could perhaps be movement in the case, or response to publicity, the court has canceled oral arguments set for January, and decided to rule on documents only. Green Party calls Asa Gordon’s action a demand for fair elections, voters’ rights, and racial justice A major voting rights civil action filed by […]

Oral arguments scheduled for: Democratizing the Electoral College Civil Action

Excerpts from the actual civil suit at the readmore… Asa Gordon is Chair of the DC Statehood Green Party Electoral College Task Force and Executive Director of Douglass Institute for Government. Gordon’s civil suit concerning reform of the Electoral College will have oral arguments in the United States Court of Appeals on January 14, 2010. […]

Aug 15th: Asa Gordon gives electoral college presentation in MA

Asa Gordon is Chair of the D.C Statehood Green Party Electoral College Task Force; a member of the Green Party Black Caucus Organizing Committee; and is the founder and Executive Director of the Douglass Institute of Government (DIG). On Saturday, August 15, 2009, in Massachusetts, Asa Gordon will be speaking about how to democratize the […]

The Sotomayer situation: reflections by green activist Asa Gordon

Green Party activist and thinker Asa Gordon comments on the racism and sexism behind attacks on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s 2001 speech.

Excellent research and opinion about the Electoral College

from Ballot Access News San Diego Publishes Ten In-Depth Essays on Electoral College May 17th, 2009 The San Diego Union-Tribune of May 17 has these ten scholarly and interesting essays on the electoral college. And, whenever we bring up the Electoral College, we always like to bring up our colleague Asa Gordon. Asa is a […]

Tues. May 12th in Maryland: Democratizing the Electoral College

Democratizing the Electoral College with Asa Gordon, Member of the DC Statehood Green Party, and Director of  Douglass Institute of Government Includes a discussion of the pro se lawsuit: Gordon vs Cheney/Biden Tuesday, May 12th, 7pm Hyattsville Branch Library 6530 Adelphi Rd. Hyattsville MD 20782 (301) 985-4690

Court rules on Green’s constitutional challenge to presidential election manipulation

• Court says plaintiff lacks standing, but the demand for Electoral College reform based on the Mal-Apportionment Penalty remains legally valid for a future civil action • Democratizing the Electoral College web site: historical background, all court pleadings, Election 2008 graphics, video clips The US District Court for the District Columbia has issued a […]

Electoral College News from Nebraska: And, what next?

Ballot Access News reports that even thought most of Nebraska’s Electoral College votes went to Bush, Obama has now won “one Electoral College Vote” from that state. Ballot Access News goes on to explain the history of some states having proportional apportionment of their Electors, rather than winner-take-all (which history was stated incorrectly in a […]

Movement in lawsuit against Dick Cheney to fix Electoral College for 2008

Our Green Party colleague Asa Gordon, from the DC Statehood Green Party, is brilliant. In 2000, he filed a lawsuit as a non-attorney, pro se citizen, to try to intervene in the Florida recount. He was actually able to argue before a federal judge on the matter. And, for the 2008 election, Asa Gordon has […]

Two videos on the web, plus a workshop today (8/15) on Democratizing the Electoral College

Below the jump are the long video and new 10 minute youtube, of Asa Gordon describing his Electoral College/Proportional Apportionment lawsuits. This strategy of Asa Gordon’s way of making the Electoral College and the national vote for President more democratic.