Obama Liberal Complaint #362: Elena Kagan

Ross Perot once said: "The only thing is the middle of the road is a dead Armadillo"

An activist I admire a great deal was telling me about a brilliant post on Huffington Post about how the writer was bewildered by Obama picking Kagan.  It seems this writer couldn’t understand why Obama (again) picked such a centrist candidate for Supreme Court since he has 59 votes in the Senate.  Hello?  Brilliant, no.  Massively deluded, yes.

Liberals have been saying for the past year:

I don’t understand why Obama doesn’t [fill in the progressive/liberal action]  since he has a majority in both houses of Congress.

And for the six months before that they spent saying:

I thought Obama lied  about his positions so he could get elected, but I expected him to stop lying and be a real liberal when he moved into the White House.

Face it, Obama liberals. Obama is a corporatist. And you got exactly what you voted for.  Congratulations.  And the said thing is that you Obama liberals don’t have the backbone to stand up against policies you oppose because they have Obama’s face on it.  When the same policies had Bush’s face on them, you Obama liberals were hopping mad.

And p.s. Please stop with the lie that you have to vote for Democrats to get liberals on the Supreme Court.  Democrats in the Senate vote for right-wingers to be confirmed for the court.  Yup, Gore, Kerry all of them.  And when they get into the White House, these Democrats don’t do any better. Heck, Sotomayor was first put on the federal court by George HW Bush.

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