Random Highlights from The Poetry Project

KW: The first video includes random highlights from The New Year’s Day Poetry Marathon at St. Mark’s in New York City. It includes all the folks I was lucky enough to grab a clip of on my handheld.

The first comment we got on the highlights video mentioned Living Theatre, because Judith Malina is one of the readers.  So, I looked up Living Theatre and put up an excellent clip from 1975 below.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DH-ljv9glgc]About the highlights video:

Includes: Musician Steve Earle, Living Theatre cofounder Judith Malina, Foamola, Sparrow, David Kirschenbaum, Emily XYZ, and more. After the credits, there is a slideshow with some close-ups and crowd shots.

You can find out more about The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s and their ongoing programs at: http://poetryproject.org


About the Living Theatre clip:

Posted by CBHighberger at youtube: “I restored and released on DVD the only existing videotape of Julian Beck, Judith Malina and the Living Theatre performing “Turning the Earth – A Legacy of Cain” which I videotaped on May 17, 1975 using a B&W open reel Sony PortaPack on Pittsburgh’s Northside.”

The clip includes images of shovels, dirt, and revolution.

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