Joye Brown: Reviving LILCO Will Cost More

LILCO Logo of the 80s and 90s

Newsday’s Joye Brown rightfully argues against the re-privatization of LIPA.  In addition to the many reasons detailed on this site why turning LIPA back into LILCO will only make matters worse, Brown explains that:

One issue unaddressed by the Moreland Commission is a LIPA study that determined that going to private ownership would significantly increase customer costs.

My only fault with Brown article — if you can read it behind the pay wall –is that she lets NY’s Tea party Governor, Andrew Cuomo, off the hook.  As we’ve detailed in prior posts he wanted to privatize LIPA all along.  He has neglected LIPA for years.  He failed to appoint a permant CEO or fill the many empty board seats.  Now he is cashing in on the fruit of his neglect.


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