Green Party certified as ballot qualified Party in NY

The Green Party was officially certified Monday December 14 by the NYS Board of Elections as the newest ballot qualified party, with the  Gubernatorial ticket receiving 59,928 votes. 50,000 votes for Governor is needed to qualify a party. The Greens received 49,201 votes outside of NYC. Key issues for the Green Party in 2011 will […]


In July of 2008 state Senator Mike Folmer introduced the “Voters’ Choice Act,” which would require all candidates for an election to garner an equal amount of nominating petition signatures for ballot access.  In the wake of all six third-party candidates for statewide offices being struck from the ballot by the powerful resources of the […]

Wild political guess: Lazio and Levy

Kimberly writes: When I tell him I am writing this, Ian mumbles, “It still makes no sense.” I still think it can happen.

Libertarian, Peace and Freedom, and Green Parties create ads to stop Prop 14

Comments and three videos about a Tuesday, June 8, 2010 vote in California. Hope you will let people know to VOTE NO on Prop 14 in California. Prop 14 is bad for third parties and bad for grassroots democracy.

Iraq Instability Follows After Government Excludes Hundreds of Candidates from the Ballot

from Ballot Access News Iraq Instability Follows After Government Excludes Hundreds of Candidates from the Ballot January 16th, 2010 The New York Times of January 16 has this article about protests in Iraq, over a government decision to bar hundreds of candidates from the ballot, in the regional elections set for March. The candidates were […]

“Good night” and link for Green Party and third party results

KW: I am putting myself and my election coverage to bed. For Green Party results  and stories, you can keep trying at Green Party Watch, where there is an open thread for Green Party results. Also, at Independent Political Report where I am on the blogging team, there is an open thread, where some night […]

AP Story: Third Party challenges in NJ and NY are warning sign

There is a long story with other commentary on this situation as Independent Political Report. Pundits are taking note of the 23rd CD race in New York that is becoming a race between Democrat Bill Owens and Conservative (not on the Republican Party line) Doug Hoffman. And, also, the New Jersey Governor’s race with Democrat […]

Investment Guru: Which third party will replace the Republicans?

Hat tip to Ballot Access News for the story and background… Timothy Lutts is an investment adviser with a popular newsletter. Lutts wrote an article which includes wonderful lists of third parties of the past. His article starts by reacting to the recent Republican failures and scandals — ie: Sarah Palin and Mark Sandford — […]

Impending US Supreme Court Decision on Voting Rights Act

from Ballot Access News Atlanta Journal-Constitution Story on Impending U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Voting Rights Act The June 21 Atlanta Journal-Constitution has this story on the impending decision of the U.S. Supreme Court on the constitutionality of part of the Voting Rights Act. That decision could come on June 22, and must come no […]

Take note for your own civil liberties: Judge in Hauser/Chemo case

Update and where to donate in next post and: here.  I do not think that the government, nor medical establishment, handled the Daniel Hauser/Chemotherapy case well at all. I think that various government entities made oppressive moves against the young man and his family. And, now I think that the judge in this case made […]

Photos and report from third party event in Huntington

On April 23, 2009 at the Huntington Library, David Sprintzen of the LIPC and Kimberly Wilder of Independent Political report debated the topic, “Do we need a national third party?”

Next week, Cindy Sheehan will either start a new third party and/or begin the revolution

KW: I have been waiting to see what Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan would do next since November, when she wrapped up her bid for Congress against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Cindy Sheehan ran as an independent. Though, she had a lot of green support, and even speant Election Eve with Cynthia McKinney, the […]

Women in politics: The Feminist Initiative film and discussion

On Sunday, April 26th at 2pm in Huntington, Long Island, New York, there will be a showing of the film Feminist Initiative, by director Liz Weisberg. The film details the creation of a feminist party in Sweden. There will be a panel discussion after the film with Hedda Marcus, Kimberly Wilder, Andrea Callan and Charlotte Koons.

League of Women Voters/Cinema Arts Event: America’s Victoria!

Composer/conductor Victoria Bond played scenes from her opera “Mrs. President” at an event to celebrate Victoria Woodhull, first woman candidate for President of the United States.