Green Party Candidate Says NY Gov’s Race Is Like “Jersey Shore” | The New York Observer

“What is this, The Real Candidates Of Erie County?” said [NY Green Party Governor candidate] Howie Hawkins, an anti-nuclear activist who ran for the U.S. Senate as the Green Party candidate in 2006. “Actually, the constant bickering reminds me more of Jersey Shore. Maybe Cuomo should hire Snooki as his Press Officer. [Wait, what will […]

Which 8 Democrats voted against same-sex marriage?

2011 Update: Shortly after 10:30pm EST on June 24th, the New York State Senate passed legislation legalizing same-sex marriage! This time, only one Democrat voted against it. Story at onthewilderside: here. ______________________________ Original, 2009 post: (excerpt from) Time Union Gay rites still illegal Same-sex marriage bill weighed for the first time in the state Senate […]

music, talk & poetry of the peace movement Fri 5/18/07 6:30p UUFB

South Country Peace Group Invites You—-to an evening of music, talk & poetry of the peace movement.   Friday, May 18  6:30 PM   At the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bellport   51 Browns Lane, Bellport  (Brown La runs n/s and can be taken from South Country Rd —take Browns Lane south to the end)) […]

dude, Malachy McCourt in politics (or not)

from simply a mad-tante   Okay, my “knowledge” of Mr. McCourt was that he frequented either Dick Cavet, Johnny Carson, or Mike Douglas when I was a kid.  And to tell the truth, he played the king in the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups commercials and that was probably far more important to me then. Many years […]

GPSuffolk: Alternative Views on the State of the State

The Green Party of Suffolk County is a county organization of the Green Party of New York State, which declined to cross-endorse any major party candidate in the recent governor’s race. Instead, the Green Party chose to run its own candidate, with its own platform and vision for New York. The Green Party had a […]

Thank you Long Island!

Malachy’s vote totals in Nassau and Suffolk exceeded expectations Each area of the state needed to exceed the 2002 Green Party Governor tallies by 20% in order to achieve the ballot status numbers.  Suffolk exceeded the 2002 numbers by 42%, jumping from 1,978 to 2,801 votes.  And Nassau exceeded the 2002 numbers by 52%, jumping […]

Cindy Sheehan reiterates endorsements for 11/7/06 Election

from Howie Hawkins Press Release: Cindy Sheehan Reiterates Her Endorsements of Howie Hawkins and Malachy McCourt A mailer from the Working Families Party that arrived in many voters’  mailboxes on Friday and Saturday depicts Cindy Sheehan, along with Pete Seeger and Michael Moore, urging voters to voters to support bringing the troops home by voting for […]

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