This Saturday – March 24 – Occupy in NYC

Also, Sat. March 24th on Long Island:
A peace, justice, occupy event
12:15 in Port Jefferson
Info: here.

Let Freedom Spring!
NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly must resign!

The 1%’s police proxies have been attempting to suppress our peaceful protests, sparking a response we haven’t seen since last September.

But we need your help! Our best defense is a strong offense, and mass turnout at this time will protect our movement as the action-packed ‘American Spring’ bursts into the streets.

Join us this Saturday at 12pm in Liberty Square and call for NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s resignation.

March with us to our newest location at #OccupyUnionSq in solidarity with the communities across New York City who have long felt the wrath of Mayor Bloomberg’s “private army”.

More info at:

Spread the word, and let’s occupy together to #LetFreedomSpring!

You can help:

  • Tweet with the hashtag #letfreedomspring
  • Share this event on Facebook
  • Plan to attend with friends, family, coworkers and classmates
  • Forward this email to your lists
  • Upload photos and videos after the march and tag them on social media
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