Boog Fest 5 lineup 8/5-8/9/11 NYC

Update: Some photos from Boogfest 2011 are at Ian’s Flickr: here.

Two months from now, from Fri., Aug. 5 through Tues. Aug. 9, we’ll be celebrating Boog’s 20th anniversary by putting on the fifth annual Welcome to Boog City poetry and music festival.

The poetry readings are curated by Jim Behrle, Joanna Fuhrman, and me. The music is booked by Brian Speaker.
My hearty thanks to them all.
Among the festival highlights are:
—our levy lives: celebrating the renegade press series devotes a night to Black Radish Books;
—our 8th annual small, small press fair, with exhibits from a host of small presses, and readings by their authors;
—Poetry’s First Responders: 9/11, A Time When Poetry was Always Still Possible, a panel curated and moderated by Douglas Rothschild;

—Poet Rebecca Woolf reading and in conversation with poet Alan Gilbert;

—Poets’ theater plays from:
Austin Alexis • Charles Borkhuis • Maria Brandt • Joel Chace • Jenny Hill • Vincent Katz • Matt Reeck;

—Poetry readings from:

Alex Abelson • Rachel Aydt • Cara Benson • Sean Cole • Joanna Penn Cooper • Jim Dunn • Will Edmiston •
Alan Gilbert • Christine Hamm • Monica Hand • Jibade-Khalil Huffman • Brenda Iijima • Ish Klein •

Austin LaGrone • Mark Lamoureux • Tanya Larkin • Sheila Maldonado • Debrah Morkun • John Mulrooney •

Ekoko Omadeke • Jean Paul Pecqueur • Douglas Piccininni • Brett Price • Greg Purcell • Douglas N. Rothschild •
Kathrin Schaeppi • Toni Simon • Kimberly Ann Southwick • Mary Austin Speaker • Jill Stengel • Mark Statsman •
Nicole Wallace • Meredith Walters • Ian Wilder • Jeffrey Wright • and more;

—Poetry readings on Black Radish Books night:
Mackenzie Carignan • Bruce Covey • Carrie Hunter • Mark Lamoureux
Marthe Reed • Kathrin Schaeppi • Jill Stengel • David Wolach;
—music performances by

Crazy and the Brains • Emily Einhorn • Dan Fishback • Greg Smith band • Charles Mansfield • Justin Remer •

Cat Rockefeller • and more; and

—tabling presses and artisans
Bone Bouquet • Don’s Saddles • Furniture Press • Gigantic Sequins • Litmus Press/Aufgabe • Lunar Chandelier •
Ping Pong • Stonecutter Journal • Vanitas magazine • White Rabbit zine.

The full sked will be released shortly. If you need any additional information or want to advertise in the festival program issue of Boog City you can reach me at 212-842-BOOG (2664) or ever,

David A. Kirschenbaum, editor and publisher
Boog City
330 W. 28th St., Suite 6H
NY, NY 10001-4754
For event and publication information:
T: (212) 842-BOOG (2664)
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