The Duke and Duchess are coming to America on June 30th

The Duke and Duchess of Peace: Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna

Please visit the new website, Peace Couple, for coverage of the royal tour, to begin on Thursday, June 30th, 2011. We will follow closely, the ceremonies and activities of Duchess Susanna and Duke Augustus, The Duke and Duchess of Peace.

Please don’t confuse this royal couple with those other folks, Prince William and Duchess Catherine, who happen to be starting their tour of Canada and the United States on the same day. (Imagine the coincidence! Hope the two Duchesses don’t show up in the same dress!)

The Peace Couple site will have at least one fun and newsy post about peace each day! Something to check instead of the regular tabloids or entertainment news sites.

Background for onthewilderside readers and fans:

The Peace Couple is a new project of The Wilders. We will continue the onthewilderside blog, which we feel is an important resource for Long Island music, activism, and culture. Though, the new project is designed to launch as a think tank, in the form of a family business.

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